Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Find the Help You Missed

TogetherImage via Wikipedia     I thought that my second post of the year should be a review with links to the past posts that provide aid in the event that you have missed anything.  I am hoping sometime this year to be able to make a site map so that you can easily find something specific that just might apply for you.  To recap all of the benefits that are available here is a list for your convenience.  Hopefully, during 2011, I will find many more services that will help you to get by in these hard times.

No One Knows Where I Have Been
Here is a Wonderful Site for People Helping People
A Person with a Heart of Gold
Need a Car, but Can't Afford One
You've got the Car, but Can't Afford the Gas
Phone Service is no Longer a Luxury
Are Heating and Cooling Cost Getting You Down
Are You Finding Yourself Hungry Lately
Help with the Water Bill is Harder to Find
How to Afford a Memorable Christmas - The Ornaments
An Affordable Christmas - The Wrapping Paper
Beautiful Gifts without Sticker Shock
More Inexpensive Christmas Ideas
Fireplace Pleasers without the Price
The After Christmas Sale
A Decade that Changed Us Forever
If You Need Help Now Dial 211
An Abscessed Tooth Can KILL You
Free College Education for Senior Citizens
Could You Use Some Free Surgery or Meds?
Are You Facing Foreclosure
Is Your Birthday Approaching?
Remodel on a Shoestring Budget
Save Money at the Grocery Store!!!
Free Legal Aid is Available
Are You a Single Mom in Need of Help?
Make Some Easy Cash at Home
Scrap Soup:  An Awesome Money Saver
Low Cost to Free Travel Ideas
Free and Addictive Way to Give
Need Some Costly Repairs to Your Home:  Grants Are Available
Adaptive Housing Grants for Veterans
Are You an Unemployed Senior Citizen Who Needs Work
So the Bank Will Not Loan You Money to Finance Your Dream?
How to Get a Free Eye Exam and Glasses
Happy Thanksgiving to You
Articles for You
My Christmas Present to You:  A New Job
Free Tax - Preparation and Assistance for Low-Income, Elderly, and The Military

These articles can direct you to places that really can provide help.  Please look into them and take advantage of them.  I wrote the article about getting help for home repairs and had a family member get over $7,000 dollars in free work from the government that she desperately needed, so I know that help is out there without having to go through all of the red tape.  My Christmas Present to You:  A New Job is a real place were you can write and make money.  You don't have to wait to get lucky and have someone hire you.  If you have got the drive, you can make your own money without having to depend on anyone else ever again.  I am between jobs in the medical field.  I made great money.  It is hard to get a job right now.  Writing online is something that no one can take from me or stop me from doing.  Getting a paycheck from google is a wonderful feeling, a sense of independence, but it requires a lot of typing and research.  Look into these things, they do not cost you a dime.  I have read about a lady that had nothing and used the internet at the public library to learn how and do this.  Where there is a will, there is a way, so don't give up.  May this year be better a better year for us all.

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