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How to Get a Free Eye Exam and Glasses

A typical Snellen chart. Originally developed ...Image via Wikipedia     Do you need an eye exam and new glasses, but you just can't afford it?  During this economy hard times have hit many people, and if your job has dried up, then so did your insurance.  Many people try to put off dealing with health issues when they are struggling, but in the long run doing this can cost more.  Good vision is necessary for everyone in order to function in life.  Just simply not having glasses that you need can literally cause headaches.  Not only are eye exams important for determining visual acuity, but it is also necessary in diagnosis diseases related to the eyes, and it is an important tool for screening for diabetes and high blood pressure.  Well that is all good and fine, but if you can't afford it so what.  I can tell you how to get a free eye exam and glasses for you or your children in this post.
      VSP is a leader in eye care products and services and the company has provided  services to over 580,000 low-income uninsured children free of charge.  Sight for Students is a VSP charity that provides these services.  Click on the link to find out more information about their services.  Their Eyes of Hope Program offers refurbished eyeglasses worldwide.  They also operate 3 mobile units that tour the country and provide free eye exams to those in need.  You will need to look on their websites calender of  events to find out if they are in an area near you.  You will need to provide proof of eligibility in order to recieve these services.  They also partner with VSP doctors nationwide, and globally.  These services are for children and adults.
     Eye Care America is another place that you can go to see if you qualify for free eye care.  You qualify if you are 65 and older and have not recieved eyecare in 3 or more years.  If you have Medicare the doctors will waive co-payments.  Those without insurance will not be charged.  You will recieve a free eye exam and a years worth of free service related to any eye disease that is discovered during this exam.  Also those persons of any age that have a predetermined risk of developing glaucoma can recieve a free glaucoma exam if they are uninsured.  The doctor may provide treatment deemed necessary during this exam.  Eyeglasses are not provided.
     Vision USA is another organization that provides basic eye health and vision services free of charge to low-incomed unisured children and adults.  To be eligible you must be uninsured, be a U.S. citizen,  meet poverty quidelines, and have not been to a eye doctor in at least 2 years.  If you qualify you will be matched with a volunteer doctor and recieve eye care and glasses.  Contact lens are not available through this service.
     Discounted services are also available to everyone at America's Best.  You can get an eye exam and 2 pair of glasses for only $69.00.  Now that is a deal.  They offer regular priced exams for just $45.00.  They also have an Eyecare Club that if you join and pay $99.00, you get three years worth of eye exams at that cost.
     You can do a free vision test online at EyeExamOnline.  It is a quick and relatively easy exam to take.  You will need to be at least 1 meter or about 39 inches away from the computer screen to complete the test.  I did it and it was right on the money.  It detected my astigmatism and vision problems in both eyes.  This is a great test and it is free, so check it out today.
     The last thing that you can do is check the Sunday paper.  They usually have coupons for free or discounted services at many popular eye care providers.  They can afford to do this in order to make you a possible future customer, so what your newspapers.  Sometime you can get vouchers for discounts for Wal-mart vision care centers in the paper too.  If I left any out please drop me a comment and let me know.  We are all in this together.
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