Friday, July 30, 2010

Make Some Easy Cash At Home

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     I thought I would post about this other site I am on because I am enjoying it so much.  I write this blog because I am passionate about the subject and because I am one of those people that have been here.  I have had my ups and downs in the financial world and life has not always been kind to me.  So hopefully someone out there can get some real benefits from some of the sites I list on here.  I have another blog for senior citizens free educational information.  I was happy to learn that seniors can go to school for free in some states because the older you get the more wisdom you have and you are usually better off in life than those starting out.  This is a good time to follow dreams that maybe you had to put on the back burner due to raising a family and providing for them.  Besides this is the time in our life when we really know who we are.  Senior citizens have a lot to offer in experience and life lessons well learned.
     To the point now, if you don't have any work right now or want some extra money then try out this site at Info Barrel .  If you are a blogger you will definitely want to check it out.  If you do go there this is my link referral ID Jacqueline P. Warlick.  If you would like to check out anything that I have written, then just put my members name pwarlick in search.  After that, click on member and you will see my Icon.  Just click it.  I write about certain subjects on here, but I can write about anything on their website.  I love it.  There is a place on your account to list your google adsense ID so you get paid at 75% of what they make on ads.  You can also promote it at She Told Me .  This is a social bookmarking site where you can write scoops about and link to your blog post while earning a 100% adsense revenue.  It is projected to surpass e-how and some like it better than hubpages.  Anyway, I am not trying to sell you on anything, but if you are unemployed and like to write you should check it out.  You can also check out Amazon Mechanical Turks, however I don't make much money on it.  But as for the other, I think that you would really enjoy this site.  If any of you are on here write me back or leave a comment and let me know how you like it.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Are You a Single Mom in Need of Help?

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     If you find yourself in the position of  trying to raise a child on your own, then you know how difficult life can be and how frustrating the simple things can be when you don't have enough money.  If you are a single mom that in itself makes it much harder.  When you see a single father you think oh this must be a great man raising his children by himself, and then a lot of us assume the mom must be unfit.  With single women we are viewed as having baggage.  The stigma is so unfair for both sexes.  Either way if you are a single mom there are resources out there they can make your life easier.  You can go to and visit their website and fill out an application for grants and assistance or you can give them call at 1-888-774-7282.  They have an online portal that will direct you to over 20,000 grants available to you.  They have resources that will direct you to financial assistance as well as government aid.  They can direct you to section 8 housing or rental assistance,transportation assistance,child care assistance,WIC/food stamps,  and debt relief.  They steer you towards educational scholarships and well as creating home business ideas.  Another good site packed with resources can be found at  They list lots of great resources from paying for childcare to getting prescriptions filled to financial advice.  They have a financial gifting program where you can read hardship stories and donate money to moms.  They also have a Donate/Swap forum where clothes can be found or swapped as well as a housing forum for sharing homes.  Some other great sites are and  I hope these are helpful and if you know of some other helpful sites please a comment.
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