Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take Care of Pets When You are Broke

If you are a pet owner you know how difficult it is to take care of pets when you are broke.  Feeding ourselves and our families is hard enough as it is, much less keeping a roof over everyone's head.  Many of us pet owners know that are animals can be just as precious to us, and we want the best for them, but our families have to come first.  Well it doesn't have to be that way.  Plenty of people get pets when life is going good, and they feel like they can be responsible pet owners.  However, life takes many turns and they can find themselves in a position that they never intended on being in.  How do we get through these trying times and still keep our pets healthy and happy, after all, sometimes they are our best friends.
     I ran across this interesting site based out of Georgia that offers help to the residents there.  They are a food bank organization for animals.  How cool is that!  They also provide a National Listed for other states in which they have found aid.  Here is the link.  I will be searching for other sites in other states and I will add to this post as I find them.
     What about the pets that have medical problems?  Paying for veterinary services can be very expensive.  In searching for some information about this subject, I ran across another list of useful services.  This list even has a list of organizations that we help you with canine specific needs.  I hope this helps you in your quest for finding food and health care for your little friends.  If you know of any other sites that would be helpful to our reader, please list them in the comment box and I will add it to this post.
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  1. It is so important to keep looking after your pets, even though times are tough.
    What annoys me is people that buy a pet for someone that does not really want one and before long they are left out on the street. Thanks for sharing this.
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  2. This is good information. One of our local shelters lets you borrow a pet for a few hours, like when you go to the park. There are rules in place. Another charity here, Wally's Friends, offers inexpensive spay and neutering surgeries.

  3. It was terribly helpful on behalf of me. Keep sharing such ideas within the future similarly. This was truly what i used to be longing for, and that i am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such data with USA.

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