Friday, September 10, 2010

Low Cost to Free Travel Ideas

Julie Laipply, Miss Virginia USA 2002Image via Wikipedia      Have you never been able to afford to travel?  Are you just out of high school and want to see the world before college?  Are there circumstances in your life that are bringing you down and you just want to get away?  There is a way to accomplish this without breaking the bank.  A colleague of mine once told me about this girl that he met while traveling in Peru.  Her name is Julie and she has practically travelled the world.  She has a new website, but is not up and running yet.  When it becomes available, I will provide a link.  She has worked her way from country to country staying in hostels and picking up odd jobs along the way.  She is a fascinating young lady.  If she can do it, so can you.
     One organization that will provide you with accommodations and meals in exchange for 5-7 hours of work a day is WWOOF.  You have to save up the money to get to your destination and back, but you can arrange your length of stay free of charge and see the country that you are in while you are there.  You can work locally in the US or internationally.  You can get there, work, site see, and line up another place to see nearby through CouchSurfing.  Go to their website a register, then you can start networking to find your next couch to lay your head on and for how long.  You can network couch to couch as you cross the countryside.
Volunteer through the UN website.  There are 140 countries that you can visit while doing something worthwhile.  They even provide insurance.  Just check their terms of service and sign up today.  You can also volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and help build homes here and abroad.  Habitat for Humanity International runs the Global Village Work Trips program and has affiliates in over 90 countries.  Budget travel bloggers should check out Passports With Purpose where they can use their readership to help out a worth cause.  You can also do walking tours in throughout Europe at .  Some other places are, of course, the extremes, join the Army or the Peace Corp.
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