Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas Present to You: A New Job

Google AdSense $114.38Image by kawanet via Flickr     If you are unemployed and can't find a job right now, then my Christmas present to you is a job of your own.  If you have a computer or access to one then you can be employed today.  You can go to many sites and write online.  You can not get rich quick and it takes lots of hard work, but it is very doable.  I started this blog along time ago, then I start another one that has some authority.  After that, I started writing for Info Barrel to make money.  You can click on the link and sign up. This is a great place to write, especially for the days that I draw a blank on what to writer about.  When you write for them you get 75% of Google Adsense.  It is also possible to make a constant 90% every month with them too.
     Here is how you do it.  Go to Google Adsense and sign up for an account.  It is not complicated and it is completely free.  There you will get a publishers ID.  It will be the number located at the top upper right corner when you log in. It will say something like pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Next, if you want to you can sign up for blogger and start a blog.  It is free.  If you can't think of anything to write about, while you are in the monetize section of blogger sign up for an Amazon ID.  Make a blog selling Amazon products.  You can get a link inside of your dashboard to put up product picks on your page and make money.
     You go and add your Google publisher ID to each and every site you sign up at such as the bookmarking sites that I have listed below.  Add your Amazon ID as well.  There are other affiliate program that you can sign up for other than just these.  Listed below are some social bookmarking sites that share adsense revenue with you listed below.  All you have to do is bookmark something that you have written or something that someone else has written to make money off of the clicked ads on the page.  What you do is copy and paste the URL to what you want to bookmark, change the title, put it in a category, add some tags, and write a little description of what the article is talking about.  Hit submit and you are done.  Sit back and wait to make the earnings on them while you sleep.  Here are some bookmarking sites that you can join.  If you link through me, I will get a percentage of their money not yours.  You don't have to link through me, if you don't want to.  This is not a pyramid scheme.  You can just go to their website and sign up if you like.  But work hard, and you will have an income.

Google Adsense Share Sites

Xomba - 50/50
SheToldMe -  You get 100%
Infopirate - 80/20
Karmalynx 60/40, but you can increase this up to 80/20.
Page360 - You get 100 %
Seekyt - You get 70%
Mashbite - You get 80%

This is not difficult to do, and I will be adding more sites to this page as I investigate them.  Check back often.  For those that already have a blogger account of any other blog account, you should use social bookmarking site to increase your backlinks.  I hope you had a Merry Christmas!
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  1. InfoBarrel is a sweet present! Very thoughtful of you to share :)



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