Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scrap Soup: An Awesome Money Saver

Made with the leftovers from this BBQ . Fillet...Image via Wikipedia     So you don't like leftovers?  Well I can tell you a way to jazz them up that the whole family will love.  I live on a tight budget these days, and every penny counts.  I clip coupons on a regular basis and proud of it.  I do not plan on sacrificing on quality and sometimes I can be brand specific.  Face it guys, not all brands are equal.  So I buy what I like when it is on sale and I have a coupon for it.  I shop at about 5 different stores and pharmacies that are within a 5 mile radius.  I still have the same quality and specific foods that I have always enjoyed.  Thanks to my frugal grandmother, I have learned to enjoy those same foods for one extra day free.  She taught me how to make a scrap soup with all those leftovers.  Not only do I provide my family with a free meal,  I also don't have cook.  Well I do have to warm supper up.  This meal has turned out to be my families favorite meal of the week.  Sometimes I have winners and sometimes I have losers, but no two are ever alike.
     Here is how to begin.  Invest in some Ziploc or Glad freezer bags.  I usually use the quart size freezer bags, but depending on the size of your family, you can go bigger.  Here is another money saving tip.  My grandmother always washed them out and reuse them again.  Anyway, when dinner is over, you can take the leftovers and place them in the freezer bag.  You can chop or shred any meat that may be left and drained any vegetables before placing them in your bag.  Expel any remaining air out of the bag and place it in the freezer.  Repeat this every night until the bag is full.  On the weekend, empty the bag of food into a large pot or crock-pot and add stock.  I usually go by what I have placed in the bag.  You can use chicken broth, beef broth, or cream of mushroom.  Sometimes you may need to add some veg-all, tomatoes, rice or noodles.  Spice it up!  Use your imagination and you will be amazed at what you can come up with.
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