Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Save Money at the Grocery Store!!!

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     I know that we all have heard of couponing to save money.  It may have been that you have tried this, and it is a tedious time consuming  process.  I have tried it many times in the past and said what is the use.  I watched a story on the news last year where a woman got $276.00 in groceries and only spent a penny, and I realized that there must be an easier way.  Determined to find it, I searched the Internet and found many coupons, but that only added to many more little pieces of paper to go through.  This year, I attended the Southern Women's Show in Raleigh, NC. where I met Coupon Queeny and most certainly got an education.
     Effective couponing is an art form.  You need some organization and I am not talking about one of those little envelope sized holders either.  You need a 5 Star Mead Zippered Binder.  When you go to her website she has you tube videos that show the binder that she uses.  I purchased one from her show in Raleigh.  You can go to Staples and find the baseball card plastic folders to put your coupons in and the dividers for categorizing the products so you want have to search.  I would get this before I started to clip if I were you.  Next, you need to start purchasing the Sunday paper and get a subscription to All You magazine.  I have not done this part yet, but I religiously get the paper.  Coupon Queeny recommends that you get one for each member of your house so you can maximize saving when stockpiling.  After this you need to get the savers cards and sales papers when you visit the grocery stores.  You are just about ready to begin.
     You can get educated on the art of couponing at the Couponing 101 website.  This site not only teaches you the lingo of coupons, but also it teaches you how to maximize your savings at Walgreens and  CVS.  These are two places that I would have never shopped to save money before, but they have been the stores that I have gotten things the cheapest or free.  I am talking about name brand products.  These and many other sites also match the right coupons to the right sales ,at the right stores, and  at the right time for you.  I cut my grocery bill by $68.00 last week and I have only been at this for three weeks now.  The first week I start out with seeing what I could get for free and now I have begun stockpiling my groceries.  I am actually purchasing things that in the past was out of my price range.
     As I said before, you should get educated and give it a try.  I am addicted to this process.  It is my one small way of sticking back to the system that overcharges on most things in life.
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