Friday, October 1, 2010

Need Some Costly Repairs to Your Home: Grants Are Available

Central air conditioner unit, from left sideImage via Wikipedia     Are you in the low-income bracket and struggling?  Trying to just keep food on the table, transportation, and a place to live can be a nightmare.  It is interesting that some Americans that never truly understood what actual struggling means have gotten a recent wakeup call during this economy.  You can truly work hard and still get nowhere.  It is frustrating isn't it.  You find many people that just don't care when your luck is down.  When it turns around, you should not forget these times.  They will make you a stronger and wiser person.  There is real help available.  I do not write these things just for the sake of filling space on this page.  You can get these repairs done.  If you truly need them they are available.  I have a family member that right now is in the mist of several crews coming in an evaluating the repairs on their home, to make the necessary repairs and make them energy efficient. 
     In their home there are quite a few repairs that need to be done.  They are probably not going to get them all, but I can tell you that they do have new central and heating unit installed, and that their home as had the necessary repairs to make it energy efficient.  They have went without heating and air for over 2 years now.  Yeah they had the window unit air conditioners that never cooled the home and only ran up the electric bill.  They burnt kerosine in the winter and cut wood to keep warm.  This is now one aspect of their complicated life that is over.  They are not lazy and work where they can, and this is those hard earn tax dollars finally coming back to real people that have paid into the system.  As the repairs continue, I will try to keep you updated.
     Here are some sites to get you going on the right path to recieve aid.  Use this link Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Programs - CPD - HUD if you live inside the city, and use this link USDA Rural Development-RD Home  if you live outside the city.  You can get repairs on things such as heating and air, well and septic tank, and roof repair.  There are other service available, so make a list, write down everything that you can think of that doesn't work, and you will be prepared when they arrive to make their assessment.  I hope this helps some of you out there.  Keep your head up and hang in there.
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  1. Home repairs are no laughing matter. Houses are big investments, and repair and maintenance costs can eat your savings. It would be good to grab every opportunity available to lower the costs.



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