Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phone Service is no Longer a Luxury

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Phone service has become a necessity in today's society and under a congressional mandate the Federal Universal Service Fund supports Lifeline Assistance and Link-Up America programs. Income-eligible customers are those that are at or below 135% of the income poverty guidelines set by the State and/or Federal government and received some type of State or Federal assistance. To qualify you must also have a U.S. Postal Address and no one else in the household can already be participating in Lifeline services. Lifeline service can provide a discount on basic monthly phone service for up to $10.00 and Link-Up American will pay for 1/2 of the installation fee or activation fee for service up $30.00 dollar and will also allow the rest of the fee to be put on a deferred schedule, interest free. Native American Indians and Alaskan Tribal Communities can get an enhanced version of these services. To find out more about eligibility requirements for your state or how to apply go to or call your local telephone company. For more information you can call a toll free number 1-888-641-8722, but you cannot apply at this number. You can also go to for more info.
Safelink wireless offers Lifeline services. They will provide income eligible customers with a free cell phone, free cell phone service and free allotted amount of minutes each month with the option of caller Id,call waiting and voicemail. Unused minutes do roll over, and if more minutes are needed customers can purchase TracPhone cards at many local retailers. You can find out more at You can also go to if you receive any type of federal assistance and sign up, or just call 1-877-650-8855 and get your home phone free for the first month and then it is about $25.00 a month after that.
If you are not income eligible and have high speed Internet service, there is a great site at that list 102 of the best free phone services on the web. This site provides information on everything from free cell phone service to free web casting. If you know of any additional free or discounted phone services feel free to drop us a line.

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