Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is Your Birthday Approaching?

My Holiday Birthday Cake in Tatra Mountains - ...Image by Jarosław Pocztarski via Flickr
     A friend of mines husbands birthday is this Sunday, and I was telling her about all the places that he could get a free treat on his special day.  I decided to send out a little post about it for those who are not aware that there are free perks out there for your birthday.  The best site that I have found for this is at  There you will find a updated large list of freebies for your birthday including everything from a free meal to circus tickets.  There are a lot of wonderful sites out there covering this subject and you should explore them as well.  This is just updated so well that I had to mention it.  Any time you go to this sites always read the comments.  Readers always suggest  more sites that offer free things and they will also share information on those that are listed.
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